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the Maddalena Archipelago: a thousand places to discover

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The Archipelago is a unique and fascinating place made up of islands and islets, of granite and schist, of sea and polished rocks, of juniper, strawberry tree and endemic protected animal species as well as an ideal stopover for migratory birds. Its depths are rich in fish species and during diving you can encounter particular species of molluscs and other species that must necessarily cross the Strait of Bonifacio. At certain times of the year, some species of whales, sperm whales and dolphins are frequently sighted.


La famosa spiaggia rosa

la famosa Spiaggia Rosa

Gite In Barca Spargi 01

l'isola di Spargi

Gite In Barca Spargi 03

Fondali dell'Arcipelago

Gite In Barca Caprera 01

l'isola di Caprera

Gite In Barca LaMaddalena 02

Maddalena vista dal mare

Guarded among the rocks with the most curious shapes, the inlets with various coves and coves offer unique suggestions with their fine white sand and the clear waters with vivid and brilliant colors ranging from green, blue to turquoise.
Sure to ignore so many we try to remember the most famous beaches: the Cavaliere beach on the island of Budelli, Cala Corsara in Spargi, the beach of Santa Maria in the island of the same name, Cala Coticcio and Cala Napoletana in Caprera. After more than fifteen years of prohibitions necessary to preserve its beauty, for some years visitors can once again admire the most famous of all: the Spiaggia Rosa of Budelli.

Given its position in history, the Maddalena Archipelago has always been of great strategic importance. Maddalena was attacked even by a very young Colonel Napoleon, but was repulsed by cannon fire from the local resistance which had as its head the figure of Domenico Millelire. Many historical figures have left their mark here: not only Napoleon and Millelire, but also Horace Nelson and Giuseppe Garibaldi to name a few.